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UR Alert Desktop Messages FAQ

When would a desktop alert be used?

During an emergency impacting campus, the University of Richmond will use UR Alert to provide critical safety information.  All messages will contain at a minimum the following information, in this order:  nature of the incident, location, and actions to be taken by affected populations.  A desktop alert would be used for a more large-scale incident.

Is the alert audible as well?

The alert does not make any noise.  It only visually takes over the screen.

What happens when I click on acknowledge or dismiss?

When you click on acknowledge or dismiss, the desktop alert will disappear.  The messages are not monitored during an event.  Clicking on acknowledge or dismiss does not report your status.  

If I do nothing, how long will the alert last?

The message window has an expiration time that has been predetermined before the message goes out.  As an example, the message may display for a period two minutes, and then it will go away, regardless of whether it was acknowledged or not. 

What happens if I am not logged in when a message is sent? If I log back in minutes, hours, or days after a message was sent?

Nothing.  Your machine is listening for an advertisement of an emergency message, so when that message is not being delivered, there is nothing to display.  The alert is not stored on your system.  If it expires before you log into the system, it will not be displayed.  

What happens to the application I am working on when I receive an alert?

Nothing.  The alert will take over the screen.  By acknowledging or dismissing the alert, you are able to return to the application that was running prior to the alert.  If you do not close out the alert it will expire after a set amount of time and your application will return.

I have two monitors, will the alert appear on both?

No, the alert will only appear on what you have identified as your primary monitor.

Will I receive the message on my computer if I am working from home?

You will receive the message at home  under the following conditions:

1.  You are using your University of Richmond issued primary computer system with the AlertUs client software installed on it.

2.  You are connected and authenticated to the University of Richmond network through the VPN client on your primary computer system.

Am I required to have the application installed on my system?

Yes.  Any University owned machine is required to have desktop alerts installed.  This will be part of the standard computer image going forward.  Individuals with specific questions should contact Brittany Schaal.

What are the technical requirements of the desktop alert on my system?
The standard University computer configuration supports the desktop client without any measurable performance impact.  More specific informationa about the technical details is available here.
How often or when does the application run?
The application starts running each time a user logs into their system.  Once the application is running, it is prepared to receive a message.