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Business Continuity

As part of a long-term program to help maintain or recover its ability to provide essential services to faculty, students, and staff the University is developing a continuity of operations (COOP) plan.  A COOP plan:

  • Ensures the University can sustain its academic mission under all conditions by reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations;
  • Helps achieve a timely and orderly recovery and reconstitution from an emergency.  Minimizing property and damage loss will ensure the University does not face extraordinary financial pressure in the wake on an emergency; 
  • Protects personnel, facilities, equipment, records and other assets in the event of a disruption; and
  • May reduce the loss of life and/or injuries during an emergency or disaster.

The basic plan will outline the university-wide considerations for guiding the overall COOP program. Each department/division plan will capture critical operational data that supports the department during COOP plan implementation. Department plans are designed so that they may be implemented individually.

To expedite the planning process an online tool, UR Ready, is being used.