Emergency Management


Download our new campus safety app, URSpiderSafe, featuring mobile bluelight, enhanced walk tracker, and an interactive campus map.

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During an emergency impacting campus, the University of Richmond will use UR Alert to provide critical, safety information.
Vaccine Screening Booster Form
Vaccine Screening Booster Form is available here.

University of Richmond officials are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, a rapidly evolving health situation. The University is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health. As new information about the outbreak and its potential impact on the Spider community becomes available, the University will send updates via email and the COVID-19 website.

Meet the Lert

No one knows the true origin of Kurt the Lert. Some say he's the result of an experiment gone wrong in Gottwald; some say he rose from Westhampton Lake. But what we do know is he seems to look like many of the different animals you might see around campus, all rolled into one. You can see some deer, fox, duck, and squirrel, and maybe a little superhero in there. But the most important thing is that he is alert. He's prepared for any hazard he may encounter — whether it's ice and snow or wind and tornadoes, Kurt the Lert is ready.

Are you alert?

Lert image
Are You Alert?
  • Winter Weather - Resolve to be Ready
  • Flooding - Turn Around Don't Drown
  • Thunderstorm - Go Indoors
  • During a Tornado - Get Low
  • Fire - Crawl Below the Smoke
  • Earthquake - Drop Cover and Hold On