Signing Up & Updating Information

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for UR Alert. In order for the system to operate most effectively, it is important that students, faculty, and staff update the emergency contact information the University has in its BannerWeb system. Information Services has designed a simple emergency contact entry screen in BannerWeb. Log in to BannerWeb, click on the Personal Information tab, and then click on Emergency Information Collection. After entering your contact information, click Submit/Confirm to save.

Unless you check the appropriate boxes, the system will NOT send a text message to your cell phone or call your home phone number. You must "opt in" for those features.

Parents, Family, and Community Members

Parents of current students, family of faculty and staff, visitors, and community members can also register online to receive critical information during an emergency affecting the campus.

The user-friendly UR Alert portal provides subscribers the opportunity to select how they wish to receive emergency notifications. After registering, subscribers simply log in to change notification preferences or add additional phone numbers and email address.