Building Coordinators

A Building Emergency Plan (BEP) was developed for each academic and administrative building on campus. Developed in collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.38, the BEPs at a minimum include the following information:

  • Procedures for reporting a fire or other emergency;
  • Procedures for emergency evacuation, including type of evacuation and exit route assignments;
  • Procedures to be followed by employees who remain to operate critical operations before they evacuate;
  • Procedures to account for all employees after evacuation;
  • Procedures to be followed by employees performing rescue or medical duties; and
  • The name or job title of every employee who may be contacted by individuals who need more information about the plan or an explanation of their duties under the plan.

To fulfill compliance, a Building Emergency Coordinator, to include an Alternate, as well as Floor Monitors was identified for each building with a BEP. Building Emergency Coordinators serve as the key contact for their building during an emergency, and ensure all building occupants are aware of and trained on the BEP. Floor Monitors provide direction about sheltering in place or evacuating the building as dictated by the event and account for building occupants after an evacuation.