UR Alert FAQ

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  • What is UR Alert?

    UR Alert is a messaging system controlled by a web‐enabled management interface that allows an operator to simultaneously send outbound UR ENS messages via the following channels:

    • Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages sent to mobile devices (including cell phones) which may also convert to an audible message if the phone is answered.
    • Phone calls (and voicemails for unanswered calls) to registered phone numbers including cell and land lines (U.S. 10‐digit numbers).
    • E-mails to @richmond.edu accounts and any registered within the UR Alert portal.
    • Social Media Accounts including Twitter and Facebook.
    • University of Richmond website via a banner across the top of the page.
    • Digital Signs throughout campus including menu boards within the dining locations.
  • I am a non-credit student. Am I eligible to receive messages from the UR Alert System?

    Yes, you can register online via the UR Alert portal to subscribe to receive emergency notifications.

  • How will the University of Richmond use the UR Alert information?

    Information will be used only for emergency notifications to provide critical saftey information.

  • What other means will be used by the University to communicate emergency information?

    The University of Richmond has an Emergency Notification System with multi-channel communication capabilities intended to rapidly disseminate emergency information about an incident and provide instructions to the pertinent community. Beyond UR Alert, the University may use the following channels:

    • Outdoor Warning System
    • Internal Speakers located in common areas around campus
    • University web site
    • Broadcast e-mails to students, faculty, and staff
    • Broadcast voicemail messages to campus phones (offices and active residence hall phones)
    • The UR Hotline (804-289-8760)
    • Classroom Paging
    • Social Media
    • Digital Signs
  • Will I receive duplicate alert messages?

    In an attempt to reach the entire population as quickly as possible, officials likely will use several available communications methods. Therefore, you may receive messages in multiple formats.

  • Will the University of Richmond test UR Alert?

    The University tests the system at least annually.

  • When will you deactivate my subscription to UR Alert?

    Students, faculty and staff subscriptions may be deactivated if you leave the University or if your affiliation changes. Parents and community members must deactivate their subscription.

  • Will I be notified when my subscription to UR Alert is deactivated?

    You will not be notified when your subscription is deactivated because of a change in affiliation.

  • I am no longer affiliated with the University of Richmond, how do I unsubscribe or stop these messages from being sent to me?

    If you are not an active faculty, staff, or student at the University of Richmond and believe you should not be getting emergency notification messages, please contact the appropriate University office to ensure that our records accurately reflect your status. Faculty and staff should check with Human Resources; students should check with the Registrar’s Office.

  • As a parent, family or community member, how do I subscribe or unsubscribe from UR Alert?

    Parents of current students, family of faculty and staff, visitors, and community members can register online to receive critical information during an emergency affecting the campus.

    The user-friendly UR Alert portal provides subscribers the opportunity to select how they wish to receive emergency notifications. After registering, subscribers can log in to change notification preferences or add additional phone numbers and email address.

    To unsubscribe, please contact Major Eric Beatty, University of Richmond Police Department, at (804) 289-8723 or ebeatty@richmond.edu.

  • How is my contact information updated for UR Alert?

    Each individual must update their contact and opt-in information on BannerWeb. You are responsible for making all updates or changes to your opt-in contact information when it changes.

  • What are the consequences of deciding not to opt in to the cell or home phone alerts of UR Alert?

    You will not receive messages via your cell phone if you choose not to provide a cell phone number. You will not receive SMS text messages if you choose not to opt in to receive those. For faculty and staff, you will not receive a voice message at your home phone number of record unless you opt in to do so. You will continue to receive e-mail notification at your Richmond e-mail address; you will have access to the Emergency Hotline; and you will be able to find the emergency information at the University homepage.

  • Does the University correct my home or cell phone number when it is wrong?

    The University of Richmond will not verify the accuracy of the data you enter.

  • I am attempting to opt in to home phone notification. My home phone is wrong, how can I correct it?
    • First log on to your BannerWeb account.
    • Click on the Personal Information link
    • Click on the Update Address(es) and Phone(s) link
    • Click on the Primary link
    • Type your correct phone number into the Phone Number input block
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit
  • Will my contact information be shared with anyone?

    The contact data you enter will be provided to a third-party vendor for purposes of notifying you in the event of an emergency.

    The third-party vendor has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any purpose other than notifying you via UR Alert. They do not have rights to sell, disclose, or trade your contact information. When required by law (e.g., in compliance with a subpoena or court order) your contact information may be disclosed.

    Only those employees of the University of Richmond who must use this information to administer and manage the UR Alert will have access to your contact information.

  • Is there a charge for utilizing UR Alert?

    No, the University will not charge a fee for UR Alert. However, if you elect to receive text messages, you may incur charges from your carrier for any messages sent to your number.

  • You asked for a Primary Emergency Contact Person. Will UR Alert contact that person as well?

    The BannerWeb Emergency Contact Information form provides space to enter contact information for your primary emergency contact. This information will not be used by the system but may be used by the appropriate University staff member in case of an injury or other urgent need. You will use this space to provide the University with the name and contact information of the person you want notified in the event of an urgent situation