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Accessing On-Campus Resources

If you must work from home, ensure you have access to campus resources from home to include:

Accessing Voice Mail
To access your voicemail from off-campus, you can dial 289-8999 and follow the instructions.

Accessing Email
You can access your Outlook email from an Internet-connected computer using Outlook Web Microsoft Exchange from an off-campus source. You can access faculty and staff email accounts at

If you need help configuring your personal device to access email from home, Information Services has provided step-by-step instructions on this webpage:

Accessing Network Files from Off-Campus

Box is an encrypted, cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that enables faculty, staff and students to store and share electronic business and academic files.
With Box you can:

  • Access your files from anywhere, anytime, from almost any device by going to
  • Share documents by sending links that can include expiration dates or passwords
  • Collaborate by inviting other Box users to access to your folders; group-editing documents; adding comments; or assigning tasks
  • Find documents easily by using Box's full-text search feature
  • Restore your own deleted files for up to 90 days

For more help on accessing and using box, visit this Box FAQ page.

For help on using Box to collect student work, visit this page.

WebFiles is storage space of 100MB allocated to each student, staff, faculty member, and student organization enabling them to maintain a website.

For a step-by-step guide to accessing Webfiles from your personal device, please consult this Webfiles instructions page.

UR’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The University of Richmond's network resources can be accessed by authenticated students, faculty, and staff using the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) via an Internet connection. The VPN allows secure access to networked resources from a remote (off-campus) location.